Try This Edgartown Bike Rental Shop- Martha's Vineyard Bike Rentals!

Bike-in-forest.jpgMartha's Vineyard is a favorite for many avid bicyclists all over the world. For those that do not want the extra hassle of adding another item to the ever growing list of things to bring on vacation, there are many bike shops all over the island to satisfy your needs. Our favorite Edgartown bike rental shop, Martha's Vineyard Bike Rentals also offers Sandpiper friends a discount of $15 off a weekly order.

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Morning Glory Farm - BUY LOCAL - Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard

Morning Glory Farm StandThe Farm Stand is open! Locally grown, friendly people, good food, family business, picturesque setting. How much more Vineyard can you get than Morning Glory Farm???  The perfect place to support the "Buy Local on Martha's Vineyard" movement.

Enjoy the Beautiful Views of the West Chop Lighthouse


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Of the many sightseeing opportunity's on Martha's Vineyard, the various lighthouses are always a popular destination. During your visit on the Steamship ferry, make sure to take a snap of the West Chop Lighthouse. This landmark is located in the town of Tisbury also known as Vineyard Haven.

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Stop for a Photo Op by the Edgartown Lighthouse

As one of five lighthouses on Martha's Vineyard, the Edgartown Lighthouse is not to be missed on your vacation. Known to many brides and grooms as the perfect place to take a photograph on their wedding day, throngs of people can be seen in the area during the Spring through Fall months. If you are a subscriper of our blog posts, you may have read our article on the history and features of the lighthouse which includes the memorial to any children that have passed away. It is truly a special location for many families for a multitude of reasons.

Edgartown Lighthouse

What are the Best Restaurants in Oak Bluffs for Breakfast?

Continuing with our breakfast series, we are tackling the most delicious and best restaurants in Oak Bluffs for breakfast. Oak Bluffs has a plethora of options for each morning of your stay. The choices range from family friendly, to those just for you and that special someone in your life. Whatever your mood, Oak Bluffs has it!

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