VINEYARD HAVEN OR OAK BLUFFS 10 points of interest, martha's vineyard

What you need to know about Vineyard Haven or Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard:

  1. You should know that Vineyard Haven is also known as the town of Tisbury.  You will hear them used interchangeably.
  2. There is a ferry terminal in both towns so make sure to plan accordingly when traveling from Woods Hole.
  3. Vineyard Haven has traditionally been more of a Year-Round town, as the ferry comes into Tisbury only during the winter months.
  4. Oak Bluffs, historically known as Cottage City, has the first Protestant campground that is now quite popular for our summer community.  It began with the religious group setting up tents for their summer visit--what are now season cottages and even a few winterized homes.  A must see for your visit.
  5. Vineyard Haven is home to the West Chop Club.  A few rental homes are offered in that area and Club membership is private.  The "Seven Sisters" come into view when you approach the Vineyard via the Steamship Authority ferry.  These stunning houses were build by a sea captain for each of his seven daughters. None are currently available for rent but open up on occasion.
  6. Oak Bluffs has about 5 miles of beach running from the Steamship dock along the Sound to the town line with Edgartown.  It is a public beach and has easy walking access from the downtown center.
  7. Vineyard Haven harbor offers mooring rentals should you be sailing to the island.  The history of ships in and out of this port is lengthy.  A sail on one of the tall ships owned by the Black Dog is a special treat for our visitors.  They make ships available to our island youth through the island schools.  Don't miss a lovely day at sea and experience what a trip back in time felt like.
  8. Oak Bluffs also has a busy harbor with the most dock space of any island harbor.  The hustle and bustle of boats in and out, both private and passenger, keep the docks lively.  There are a multitude of restaurants, shops and entertainment along the pier extending up Circuit Avenue.
  9. Vineyard Haven offers a Street Fair at the beginning of July each year.  It is a great event just following the Fourth of July where each of the street merchants present their wares.  Lots of entertainment with superb attendance from our year round and summer community alike.
  10. Oak Bluffs home of the first carousel.  Every Martha's Vineyard visitor should take at least one spin on the carousel and collect the ring each time around in hopes of winning the brass ring which ensures the winner once more around on the ride.

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Vineyard Haven, Oak Bluffs

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